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Show themes

Scripted Shows

Our scripted Murder Mystery Show themes are below. We offer decade themes for the 1920s, 1980s, and 1990s. We also have parodies of popular shows. While the shows are scripted, they contain many improvised moments, so it's never the same show twice!
Private Show bookings include four to five professional actors. For private show booking information and questions, Contact Us.
Death by 20s... A Prohibitionary Tale (1920s) - Psst! Hey you... You are secretly invited to the Singing Barrels Speakeasy for a night of celebration for this year's 1924 Kentucky Derby champion. Enjoy music by everyone's song bird Faye Greta Von Garbo. Maybe even enjoy a "beverage" or two. Bring your friends and dress for the occasion. But don't tell the cops or Mama will put you on "the list."
Death by 80s (1980s) - Welcome to the hottest night in the 80s decade:  The live premiere of a Music Television show that changed the way the world saw music forever. Come see some of the totally radical Icons you grew up with as they perform their greatest hits. But for one 80s icon, this gnarly performance might be their last. Death by 80s is an interactive murder mystery experience, so like, get out the Aqua Net hair spray and dress to impress in your 80s best. Like, totally for sure!
Death by... WHATEVER! (1990s) - An interactive murder mystery experience set in the 1990s. The music industry's hottest stars are gearing up for the Hollapalooza Music Festival. The word going around the chat rooms is that a killer is lurking in the shadows. Will the killer get away with it? As if!! Break out your 90s slang, pagers, Z. Cavaricci's, JNCO Jeans, FUBU, and flannel. There's a murder to solve!
Death at a Funeral - Think your family is crazy? Try spending a night with the Salinger family!! The family invites you to share a mysterious evening with them as they mourn the loss of their patriarch. Can you stay alive and in the will? It's a fortune to kill for.... "Sometimes the most poisonous people come disguised as family."
Death at St. Olaf (Parody) - Picture it, St. Olaf, 2022. Everyone's favorite golden gals gather to see one of their own honored. Before the celebration can begin, a killer strikes! Can you figure out "who done it" before they strike again, especially when the killer might be... you?
Death by Schitt (Parody) - It's a fun-filled night at the Café Tropical as the town gathers for a movie premiere. It doesn't take long for things to go wrong and for someone to end up dead. Eww! It's a real katzenjammer of a case. Can you crack it?
Murder at Hogwarts (Parody) - It’s winter time at magic school. Everyone is feeling down after that Order of the Phoenix ordeal. What could cheer up everyone? Winter camping in the Forbidden Forest! What could go wrong? It’s all fun and camping games until… someone is murdered!!! Help bring the killer to wizarding justice before more students and faculty get the axe!
Death by Hocus Pocus (Parody) - It's the 666th annual Association of Witches, Warlocks, and Wizard Gala. A cast of magical and fairy tale guests gather to celebrate this year's guest of honor. Things don't go as planned when a guest is found murdered shortly after a trio of uninvited witches arrive looking for their book. The sisters tangle with the Good, Bad, and In-between trying to discover which witch is the killer.
The Murder Before Christmas (Parody) - It's a celebration of the In-Between Time with the residents of Halloween Town and Christmas Town. All is merry and bright until someone ends up dead. Jack, Buddy, Santa, and other holiday characters must figure out whodunnit before the celebration turns into a Nightmare!