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Metro Mystery Shows

 Murder Mystery Entertainment 

What we do…

ImPROV entertainment

All the fun of a “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” style show, but live at your own event!

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Hosting a party or fundraiser? Try one of our interactive murder mystery shows. You provide the food and venue. We provide the show! You can also catch us at various public venues.

custom Themed shows

Want a show that fits your event? We can customize your show! Contact us for additional details.

What to expect at a Murder Mystery Show: Our Murder Mystery Shows are comedy-driven and highly interactive. Our cast will welcome you into a themed world, providing laughs and clues along the way. The audience is part of the show and can work together or separately to solve any crimes that happen. While the shows follow a script, they are highly immersive and feature improvised moments. No two shows are ever the same!
Types of events good for hosting a Murder Mystery Show: If you're looking to add a fun element to your next event, consider adding a Murder Mystery! It's a great way to have an entertaining event that people won't forget. Murder Mystery Shows are great for:
* Birthday Parties
* Fundraisers
* Corporate/Company Parties
* Holiday Parties
Whatever the event, we recommend that guests are aware they will be attending an interactive Murder Mystery. 


Metro Mystery Shows in action

Death by 80s
Death by Whatever!
Death by Whatever!

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Founded in 2015 as Railstation Mysteries, Metro Mystery Shows is a group of Interactive Theatre performers, Murder Mystery performers, writers and producers with over 20 years of experience in the industry. They have, to date, produced award winning murder mystery shows such as Death at a Funeral, Death by Whatever, Death by Shade, Death by 80s, and Death by 20s. They’ve also added parodies of popular movies and shows. Known for their signature ‘Death by’ series of interactive dinner theater, Metro Mystery Shows brings witty, hysterical, intricate scripts and experienced actors to you. Metro Mystery Shows can also be tailored to your event. Catch up on Instagram @railstationproductions, Facebook @MetroMysteryShows, or email:


Want to book a private show? Know more about themes? Want details on a custom show? Send us a message here——–>

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